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Westbourne Motors (Basingstoke)

Emergency Breakdown specialist

Westbourne Motors (Basingstoke)

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  • 0843 3938047
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  • Mr Del Morton
  • Andover Road
  • Oakley
  • Basingstoke
  • Hampshire RG23 7EP
Motor Codes subscriber #8342
  • 88%
  • Overall Experience
  • 85%
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  • 13
100% PASS
  • Mrs Karen Fountain Date of feedback 28/01/2014
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    Very impressed with the garage they we're very efficient and get me informed.
  • Mr Colin C. Ahern Date of feedback 14/12/2013
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    Outstanding roadside service and recovery, and subsequent diagnostics at the work shop. Once at the workshop, they have not only saved me over ã200 in parts, they even tightened the fan belt without being asked. The whole process was a 24hr turn around, which got me to a very important appointment in time. Communication was excellent throughout.
  • Miss Joely-Claire Woolford Date of feedback 03/11/2013
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    I broke down and was towed to this garage by Greenflag, I was given a courtesy car and the repair only took a few days which I thought was great seeng as I had to have my clutch replaced.
  • Miss Emma Hill Date of feedback 23/08/2013
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    I was recovered from roadside on saturday by westbourne and towed to the garage after being quoted £594. I then had to wait until Friday until i got a call to say my car was ready! I went to collect and my bill was £613 because they quoted me the wrong clutch, it would have been nice to be advised of this before hand. Apart from that The work seems very good and the staff are very friendly
  • Ms Louise Dawson Date of feedback 02/08/2013
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    These guys knew how important it was for me to get my car back as soon as possible and had fixed the clutch master cylinder in less than 24 hours after receiving the car, for which I was very grateful! I am a single mum with 3 young children and I really appreciate that they got the work done very quickly, and were very polite, helpful and professional during the whole process.
  • Mr James Callow Date of feedback 25/07/2013
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    The people at the garage were extremely helpful and friendly. I'd recommend this garage to everyone. The only issue I've had is that a courtesy car was given whilst my repairs took place but the head office couldn't find my deposit on their system when I returned the car and I had to chase them and phone them to get my £250 back. I'd expect them to be contacting me to apologise for their mistake and for taking so long to return my money but it was me chasing them.
  • Mrs Lucinda Blacker Date of feedback 04/07/2013
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    Extremely reliable and excellent garage
  • Ms Pauline Bridget Irving Date of feedback 19/06/2013
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    On the 13/06/13 I broke down after leaving Basingstoke Hospital (after visiting my son). I asked Green Flag to direct me to Westbourne Garage, Basingstoke The men in the court yard were polite and helpful and Del (Manager?) came to see me to check the car. In talking I got upset, more from my son's ill health, (& the break down on top of it all) but Del was supportive and kind,offered me a cuppa and was genuinely concerned for myself and son, which today I thanked him for as he made the day end very differently. He also arranged for me to have a courtesy car so that I could get to the hospital each day and this was unexpected. I am so grateful to him. Before I left someone else showed me the courtesy car and went through lights etc and another guy helped me to empty my boot into the courtesy car. Del telephoned yesterday to say my car was ready. I got there today and he asked me how my son was and I feel him a very genuine soul. Before I left he made sure that I was happy with the car. Westbourne Garage (Basingtoke) is kept clean outside, as well as in, and has a good atmosphere. The men I met on the court yard were friendly and helpful. I will be remembering Westbourne Garage as exceptional service, with a very personal approach, when necessary. Thank you Del.
  • Mr Greg Hall Date of feedback 17/05/2013
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    The collection service was first class, in the rush hour and no problem. the job went well and I am pleased with it.
  • Mr Simon Knights Date of feedback 01/05/2013
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    Very efficient, extremely courteous. Having a breakdown was the cause to visit this garage, the whole experience was handled in a very efficient manner, getting me mobile again within a very good time frame. 5 stars!
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